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News & Events

Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Nasir Habib Bisaat on Newsone 17 April 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 16 April 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan on News One Maazrat Kay Saath-16 April 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar With Arzoo Kazmi Batoon Batoon Mein on Roze TV 6th April 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan on News One Maazrat Kay Saath-3rd April 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 27 March 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan on News One Maazrat Kay Saath-19th March 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Mehar Bukhari New Eye on Dawn News 18 March 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 11 March 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 24 February 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar on Awaz tv 23-24-2014

Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan on News One Maazrat Kay Saath-13th Feb 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with asma shirazi on Dawnnews Faisala Awam Ka 12 Feb 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Imtiaz Mir on Awaz Tv 26th January 2014

Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 16 Jaunary 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Fareed Raees on Dawnnews News 15 January 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Hina Malik on News One The Right Angle-14th January 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Rana Mubashir on News One Primetime-09th January 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 07 January 2014

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Rizwan Azan on Dawnnews Newseye 29 Dec 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan Mazrat key Sath on News One 26 December 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Jasmeen Manzoor Talk Show on Abtak Tv 25 December 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 23 December 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan Mazrat key Sath on News One 03 December 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 02 December 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Rana Mubashir on News One Primetime-26th November 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 19 Nov 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Saifan Khan on News One Maazrat Kay Saath-7th November 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Rana Mubashir on News One Primetime-4th November 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Mohsin Babbar on Awaz tv 22-10-2013

Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Absar Alam on aaj NewsBottom Line-19th October 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Benish Saleem & Raza Romi on Captial Tv Seedhi Baat 18 Oct 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Imtiaz Mir on Awaz Tv 13th October 2013 part-1

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Noor-ul-Arfeen on Aaj News Face 2 Face 19 Oct2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Asma Sherazi on dawn news Faisla AwamKa 11 Oct 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 10 oct 2013

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Dr.Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar on Capital Tv 2 oct 2013

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Dr. Remesh Kumar with saifan khan News One Mazrat Kay Sath 24 Sep 2013

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Inkaar - 19th September 2013

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Dr. Remesh Kumar Siyasi Takra Petroleum Mansooat main Mehngai 07 Setp 2013

Dr. Ramesh Kumar with Javed Iqbal Inkaar On Capital Tv 4 Sep 2013

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Dateline Sindh By Awaz TV (01-09-2013) Part-1

Dateline Sindh By Awaz TV (01-09-2013) Part-2

Dateline Sindh By Awaz TV (01-09-2013) Part-3

Tajzia Huma Baqai k Sath (Aman-o-Aman Ki Suretehaal..Zimni Intekhabaat) - 25th August 2013

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Dr. Ramesh Kumar with Javed Choudari Kal Tak 14th-August 2013

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Dr. Ramesh Kumar infocus on Dawnnews 8 aug 2013

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Dr. Ramesh Kumar on Dawnnews Newseye 7 aug 2013

NewsEye7Aug2013 by awaztoday101

The News Tuesday 8, Oct 2013

Press Release

The Acute Problems Being Faced by the Hindu Community

PML-N parliamentary party asks govt to release development funds for MNAs

ISLAMABAD: The joint parliamentary party of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) of the National Assembly and Senate has raised its voice against the policy of non-allocation of development funds for members of parliament and impressed upon the party leadership to change the policy since it could cause disenchantment among the people from the party. No decision could be taken in the close-door meeting of the parliamentary party regarding the issue that was held here on Saturday under PML-N Chairman Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq, who is leader of the House in the Senate. He assumed the office last week.

The party meeting took place without the presence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a number of federal ministers and ministers of state also stayed away from it. Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan attended the meeting and he was visibly upset about the incidents of Ziarat Presidency and Quetta killings where a number of people lost their lives. No discussion took place about the Ziarat Residency incident.

The meeting was important in the wake of initiation of budget debate in the two houses of parliament on Saturday. An insider told The News that Federal Minister for Finance Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar briefed the members extensively about the budget proposals and offered explanations regarding objections and criticism coming from outside about the budget. He impressed upon the members to come out courageously to defend the first budget of their government. Some members also criticised some of the budget proposals and advised the minister to not brush aside the objections being raised by the people without giving due consideration.

The members appreciated the decision to raise salary of the government employees but impressed the need to raise it at least 20 percent instead announced 10 percent.

Some members also raised objection to the increase and levying of taxes on the people in the corporate sector. They were of the view that some government employees who were jealous of such talented people want to hurt such capable part of the society. They were of the view that organisations like the IMF were also out to discourage talented segment of Pakistan society. The sources said that a Hindu member of the PML-N from Sindh Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani raised voice against the kidnapping of members of the Hindu community in Nawabshah and Nowshero Feroz districts and reminded the party that a large number of Hindu community members had migrated to India in the past due to such crimes against it.


The Time of India October 6 2013

Pakistan Hindu Council chief demands the appointment of a Hindu as Evacuee Trust Property Board chairman

AMRITSAR: Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) has demanded the appointment a Hindu as the chairman of Evacuee Trust Property Board(ETPB) so as to protect Hindu temples and its properties in Pakistan which were being plundered by land sharks on one or the other pretext.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), member, National Assembly, Ramesh Kumar Vankwani who is also the founder of PHC told TOI over phone from Islamabad on Sunday that he had raised a demand of appointing Justice (retired) Rana Bhagwan Das as the next chairman of ETPB during a recently-concluded interfaith dialogue in Pakistan.

Bhagwandas had served as Chief Justice of Pakistan in 2005 and in 2006 in absence of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary. In 2005, Bhagwandas had also visited Amrtisar on a personal tour.

Normally, Pakistani government had been appointing people with armybackground as chairman of ETPB even former ISI Chief Javed Nasir had been heading the ETPB in past. ETPB is entrusted with the task of evacuee properties of minorities after India-Pak partition in 1947.

Sources seeking anonymity told TOI that news of plundering of properties related to Sikh gurudwaras in Pakistan often comes to light due to regular visit of Sikh jathas to Pakistan from India but similar news of properties belonging to Hindu's were unheard.

Sources told that properties worth crores of rupees had been encroached upon, besides there had not been any development of temples which was the responsibility of ETPB. In past there had been reports of selling of gurudwara properties in Pakistan in connivance with ETPB officials at throwaway prices.

Vankwani said that with a Hindu as chief of ETPB, not only the properties of Hindus but Hindus would also be taken care by ETPB besides development of their religious places.


Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentarians’ Dialogue-X

Joint Statement

October 01-02, 2013; Islamabad


Pakistan-India Parliamentarians Dialogue-V
September 19-20, 2013; Islamabad

Members of Parliaments of Pakistan and India met for the 5th round of Pakistan-India Parliamentarians' Dialogue in Islamabad, Pakistan on September 19-20, 2013. The MPs were hosted to an interactive luncheon meeting, by Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Prime Minister's Advisor on National Security and Foreign Affairs. MPs also thanked Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Senator Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, for his inauguration of the 2-day Dialogue and welcomed his support towards encouraging interaction between Parliamentarians. MPs noted that this reflected the encouragement given to the Dialogue by the Speaker of the Indian Lok Sabha when Pakistani MPs visited Delhi for the 4th round of MPs Dialogue in August 2012.

Pak-India Parliamentarians Dialogue V
September 19, 2013

Pakistan State Time Friday September 6 2013

ISLAMABAD: PML-N MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani Speaking During National Consultative Workshop On Assessment Of The Quality Of Democracy In First 100 Days Of New Governments Arranged By PILDAT.

DAILY KAWISH (Page # 1 & 7) 18 March 2013

Mass Marriage Ceremony 2013

(Pakistan Hindu Council) 9th March 2013

A bride and her groom perform a ritual during a mass marriage ceremony in southern Pakistani port city of Karachi, March 9, 2013. The Pakistan Hindu Council organized a mass marriage ceremony.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hindus uncertain over wedding registration

KARACHI: Around 22 Hindu couples get hitched in a mass wedding ceremony ‘Samvikh Vivah’ on Saturday, arranged by Pakistan Hindu Council, with an uncertainty in mind whether their marriage would be properly registered with the concerned authority.

There is currently no law for registration of Hindu weddings in the country. Though a bill was tabled on the floor of National Assembly in 2011 pertaining to the registration of Hindu marriages, which was referred to a committee, but no subsequent development ensued.

Pakistan Hindu Sabah President Dhanomal Maharaj said, “National Database Regularity Authority (NADRA) has devised a mechanism for registration of Hindu couples’ marriages for issuance of computerized national identity card and other documents but the issues of divorce, spouses’ rights, heirs and inheritance are yet to be resolved.”

The issue of Hindu marriage registration surfaced when flood-affected Hindu families, from interior Sindh approached NADRA for Benazir Income Support Programme and were asked for ‘Nikahnama’ (marital certificate). As a countrywide campaign for registration of Hindu weddings began, NADRA directed the flood victims to sign a Performa following the pattern of the ‘Nikahnama’; get it attested and submit at the NADRA office of their local union council, explained Maharaj.

Although the attested Performa resolved the registration and CNIC issue temporarily, the question of married Hindu women’s future was still a nightmare. A large number of Hindus, belonging to different castes have been facing problems due to absence of proper legislation. Many women were unable to have due rights let alone their rightful share in their husband’s property.

Extreme poverty has pushed many Hindu families particularly in interior Sindh to opt for combined marriages. This year the PHC council arranged wedding ceremony and dowry for 22 couples.

Talking to media at the 7th annual combine marriage ceremony, PHC Patron in chief Dr Ramesh Kumar said, combined marriages had become a social custom. Each year political figures participate in the ceremony and announce their cooperation, however, no efforts have yet been made to formulate legislation in this matter.

Renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi was also present at the ceremony. He said such combined marriages were a solution for the weddings of poor couples. He was of the view that poverty was the main obstacle for delayed marriages in the society. On the occasion, Edhi distributed Rs 2,000 each among the brides.

Later, Pandit Ramesh Kumar Acareya administered oath from the couples. All the 22 grooms took oath to respect their spouses, their friends and parents. All the grooms wore white dresses, while brides were attired in traditional dresses. Majority of them were under
the age of 20.

A large number of politicians, social workers and family members of couples attended the ceremony.

Forced Conversion

Rinkle Kumari’s mother seeks justice at the Karachi Press Club

Today is February 24. Last year, on the same date, Rinkle was picked up from her house. Her house was left in a state that suggested that a burglary had occurred and valuables were stolen. Her dupatta and her chappalswere left lying on the doorstep.

When she was first presented in a court in Mirpur Mathelo, she requested to be returned to her parents. The court, instead of listening to her, replied that she ‘was confused’ and therefore, should spend time reconsidering the predicament and handed her back to her abductors. It was as if the court was confused itself.

She was presented in court again on Feb 28, where, in her statement, she recited the kalma and became ‘Faryal Bibi’ from Rinkle. The entire process took less than 10 minutes. Her conversion to Islam was greeted by aerial firing by her captors who had brought her to court surrounded by armed guards. This was a new victory for them.

‘Faryal Bibi’ was then taken to Dargah Bharchondi’s seat-bearer and PPP’s Mian Mithu, while the gunfire echoed across the town. She was his guest and was taken to and from court surrounded by his guards. Actually, this victory was not the only feather in the dargah’s cap. The dargah’s deeds, ranging from the Manzalgah mosque that became famous for its role during the pre-Partition communal riots in Sindh to the assassination of the singer Bhagat Kunwar Ram of the Hindu faith, were oft repeated. The dargahcommonly converted non-Muslims to Islam before the Partition and this exercise continues steadily today.

This dargah is an ideal example in endeavours to increase the Muslim population from every corner of Sindh, starting from the Thar Desert to Kashmore. Then, how was it possible for the tilak-anointed schoolmaster, Rinkle’s father to fight for his kidnapped daughter’s return in this godsend Islamic republic state? Such news usually reaches the ears of human rights organisations or the media, a nutcase or two then run towards the news source just like the mullah runs towards the mosque to take up the case and bring it to justice. Bibi Faryal was familiar with Islam. Either Naveed Shah’s ishq was at its peak or the matter really was one of kidnapping and force that was being blamed upon Bharchondi’s seat-bearer Mian Mithu.

When the hue and cry became unbearable, the dargah’s owners brought Bibi to Karachi Press Club (KPC). But what was she going to say here? The dargah’s guards sat in their vehicles outside while the owners sat beside her inside. Bibi Faryal, fearfully, publicly repeated the kalma and revealed herself to the masses. The incident fanned criticism and protests by the civil society further, due to which, the high court was forced to take notice of the case. In the chambers of Justice Bajwa, a Sindh High Court judge, Bibi said that she ‘had been wronged’. It is unknown whether she was able to say anything else or not.

On March 26, she kept shouting that the court should ‘send her back to her mother instead of the shelter house’ in the court no. 1 of the Islamabad High Court (IHC). But just like the judge in Mirpur Mathelo’s court, the IHC judge mistook her yelling for anxiety and sent her to a shelter house instead of back to her mother so that she may, once again, reconsider her ‘predicament’. Unable to hug her weeping mother (as she was led away by female police women as if she were the criminal), at least she managed to tell her one thing,

“Mother, who are you asking for help? This country belongs to the Muslims. Everyone from the bottom to the top is an accomplice.”

This wasn’t the lament of the newly-converted Faryal but that of Rinkle whose voice had been suppressed amidst the noise in the courtroom. The next statement was taken in the registrar’s office instead of a courtroom and the newly-converted girl was sent home under police custody.

It was an end to the court’s story but just the beginning of a tale of pain and despair as no one expected any justice from any court in the land. After Rinkle, it was the turn of Asha, Lata, Arvna, Devi and Bhagwanti. The chain of such events had changed so much.

Once, an uncle of another girl Durga came and showed me her birth certificate. Her date of birth was 2001. She was a minor who had been kidnapped from the street. About three days later, the news that she had converted to Islam was published in local newspapers. Her upset uncle asked me if there was any court in this land that would fight his case.

The grandmother of another minor girl, Vijanti from Umerkot who had been raped, broke down as she said that she would migrate to India with her granddaughter and their entire family if they didn’t get the justice they deserved. Their food and water was diminishing.. Meanwhile, the Pakistani nation had wrapped itself in the coat of the Muslim ummah and had begun travelling on the road where there was no section for the identification of the non-Muslim Pakistanis.

Another February 24 has arrived. The students of influential dargahs and/or madrassas are entering their youth. O you kafirs, protect your girls! The era of ulfat-e-Islam is about to begin for them as the list of young girls, newly-converted to Islam, is being prepared.

Dr. Ramesh Vankwani (Jang News 20 Feb, 2013 Page No.7)

Jang News (20 Feb, 2013 Page No.6)

FORCED CONVERSION (Dawn News 07/02/2013 Page # 18)

Mohatta Palace (Dawn News 07/02/2013 Page # 15 & 17)

SC Stays Transfer Of Durudwara Land (Dawn News Front Page 07/02/2013)

Sant Shri Ramabai Shraddhanjali (Kawish 05/01/2012 Page-02)

Sant Shri Rama Bai (Kawish 03/01/2012 Page-02)

Dawn Sunday December 30, 2012 Page # 17

Dawn Tuesday December 25, 2012 Page # 06

Dawn Tuesday December 25, 2012 Page # 03

Dawn News Thursday December 20, 2012 Page No.18

Dawn Wednesday December 19, 2012 Page No .18

Redressal of Grievances of Hindu Community, resulting in Mass Migration


Dawn Tuesday December 18, 2012 Page No .6

Dawn News 06 Dec, 2012 Page No.17

Dawn News 05 Dec, 2012 Page No.18

Dawn News 05 Dec, 2012 Page No.16

Razed temple highlights Pakistan Hindu woes

In 2008, the military estates officer (MEO) of the area issued eviction notices to the temple and more than a dozen Hindu families residing in houses built around it, to clear the way for its purchase by a major construction firm based in Karachi.
“The residents refused, saying they had been living here for more than 50 years and had a right to be offered ownership rights for a price instead of being thrown out,” says Dr Ramesh Vankwani, the head of the community organisation, the Pakistan Hindu Council.
A plea filed by one of the residents was dismissed by a court in November, paving the way for the construction firm to forcibly evict the residents last Saturday.
The community staged angry protests on Sunday, saying the demolition squad had desecrated their articles of faith and deprived several poor people of a roof over their head.

Dawn News 04 Dec, 2012 Page No.7

Pakistani Hindus Women Protest Destruction Of Temple

(Awami Awaz 3rd Dec, 2012)

They can shoot me, but I will not let them in with shoes

(Dawn News 3rd Dec, 2012)


When Laxman saw four men entering the Hindu temple with their shoes on, he instantly yelled at them to stop in their tracks. But the only reward he got for trying to protect the sanctity of his place of worship was a beating. With every punch and kick, he was called names like Bhangi (sweeper) and Kafir (infidel).

“I can’t explain how I felt at that moment. I was both enraged and terrified,” said the 35-year-old resident of the Shri Rama Mandir compound in Soldier Bazaar.

The demolition of the century-old temple stirred a sense of insecurity among the already frightened Hindu community in the city and reaffirmed its belief that people practicing the religion existed as second-class citizens in Pakistan.

“I said they can shoot me if they like, but I won’t let them go in with shoes,” said Laxman, a man partially paralysed by a stroke.

“Half of my body does not work, but at that moment, Rama Pir gave me the strength to fight, and I did what I could,” he said.

The men put the statues and tridents from the temple out on the ground. Then a bulldozer reduced the pre-partition Mandir to rubble. A number of houses in the compound were also demolished, rendering around a dozen families homeless. They even pried opened the donation box and took away the cash and jewellery, the residents alleged.

“We have been living in this compound since the British era”, said Maharaj Badriram, the priest of the Shri Rama Pir Mandir. “We never had any problems with the larger community, but the treatment meted out on this occasion was inhumane. People look to me for help, but now, I find myself helpless,” he said.

A 17-year-old Hindu boy, who took video footage of the planned demolition, claimed that some bearded men associated with a political party oversaw the destruction. “I don’t understand how people can insult the religion of others and expect respect in return,” he said.

The President of the Schedule Caste Federation Pakistan, Kalidas Khandara, said that people in the country take Hindus for granted. “They think we are weak, so they can intimidate us, but this time, it won’t happen.”


Hundreds of people from the Hindu community staged a peaceful rally from Doli Khata, Soldier Bazaar, to the Karachi Press Club to protest against the demolition of the Shri Rama Pir Mandir, which was illegally demolished on Saturday.

“Every time a temple is threatened, we have to run to the courts. It is the third time it has happened this year,” said Ramesh Kumar Wakwani, the head of the Pakistan Hindu Council.

“There should be a stipulated policy for our properties in this country; we are also a part of Pakistan.”

The protestors demanded that the government immediately restore the temple with all its dignity.

Wakwani said that the double standards against Hindus in the city could be gauged from the fact that those coming from outside and building shanty towns in Karachi get leases, but Hindus living here for more than a century were still considered illegal.

Speaking about the demolished temple, Kalidas Khandara of the Scheduled Caste Federation said that Ramapir Mandir was restored by the government in the year 2000, which went to show that the place of worship was not only registered, but received government grants as it was a\deserving heritage site.

Sources in the community informed this scribe that representatives of Hindus were planning to register a blasphemy case against the real estate builders and government officials, who flouted court orders and destroyed a religious site.

Demolition condemned

Leading activist and former federal minister for human rights, Ansar Burney, strongly condemned the demolition of the Hindu temple in Karachi and demanded that strict action against be taken against the builders. He also called on authorities to ensure the safety of the Hindu community, PPI adds.

Burney said the demolition of the century-old temple on Saturday by a builder triggered large-scale protests by human and civil rights activists as well as the Hindu community.

Burney said the builder not only demolished the temple, but in a blasphemous act, his workers disrespected the idols of Hindu deities placed inside the temple.

He said some people allied with the builder physically hurt some members of the minority. “Everyone should be free to practice his or her religion and it is the duty of the government to ensure the safety and security of minorities living in Pakistan,” Burney stressed.

He said many Hindu families of Pakistan had already migrated to India due to persecution and humiliation at the hands of fundamentalists.

“The builder claims that the land, where the temple is constructed, has been encroached upon. Even if that is so, the builder should not have demolished the temple as a humanitarian gesture,” he said. The human rights activist concluded that he would take up the issue with the local authorities to ensure that the minority gets justice.

Pakistani Hindus protest destruction of temple

(Dawn News 2nd Dec,2012)

KARACHI: Pakistani Hindus on Sunday protested the destruction of a Hindu temple in Karachi. The temple was razed, along with some nearby homes, by a builder.

Minority Hindus have complained of increasing harassment and discrimination in Muslim-dominated Pakistan in recent years, including the destruction or desecration of their places of worship.

Residents and members of the Hindu community said on Sunday a builder with a police escort razed the small temple in one of the older neighborhoods of Karachi, along with some surrounding buildings.

The outer walls and roof of the temple were demolished, and rubble was strewn about the area. Local residents told an AP reporter on the scene that authorities took statues and artifacts out of the building before it was destroyed.

One of the longtime residents, 75-year-old Kali Das, said he was born in the area and remembers when the temple, called Sri Rama Peer Naval, was built. He said more than a hundred families lived nearby and prayed at the temple.

Residents protested at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, demanding compensation as well as the return of religious materials they said were taken during the incident.

Ramesh Kumar Vankwani from the Pakistan Hindu Council said there is a long-running legal dispute between the builder and residents over the land, but it belongs to the Hindu residents.

Zeenat Ahmad, who runs the department in charge of military land, said a court order allowed some of the buildings to be razed. A Pakistani police officer, Parvez Iqbal, denied anything was taken.

The military owns vast tracts of land in Karachi and other parts of the country. Vankwani said the incident was another example of the problems Hindus are facing in Pakistan.

Hindus complain that girls are forcibly converted to Islam, there is no legal recognition for Hindu marriages, and Hindus are discriminated against when it comes to access to government jobs or schooling.

”Every month there is an incident, like taking property of Hindu people or forced conversion of Hindu girls,” he said.

During partition in 1947, the violent separation of Pakistan and India into separate countries, hundreds of thousands of Hindus decided to migrate to India, where Hinduism is the dominant religion.

Those who remained and their descendants now make up a tiny fraction of Pakistan’s estimated 190 million citizens. Most live in Sindh province in the southern part of the country.

Hindus protest over temple demolition

(Dawn News 2nd Dec, 2012)

KARACHI, Dec 2: A large number of members of the Hindu minority community staged a demonstration on Sunday in protest over a demolition operation in a Garden locality, claiming that during the operation a Hindu temple had been damaged and religious objects desecrated..

They added that their houses had been destroyed, and called for stern action against those responsible for it.

Speaking at the demonstration organised by the Hindu Panchayat of Doly Khata at the Karachi Press Club, community elders said they had been living at the place for over 100 years and it was for the past some time that officials and private individuals had been harassing them to vacate a plot, and the issue was in court. However, on Saturday morning some people accompanied by the police and Rangers arrived there and started the demolition operation, they said, adding that they had not been informed and the operation was started all of a sudden.

They claimed that the people accompanying the police took away their religious objects, gold jewellery and other valuables and then started to damage the temple.

They said that some people, including Sohen Bhai, Ashok and Sanjay (a boy), Lachhman, who were trying to protect the temple and bring back the snatched religious objects were injured during the process.

Pakistan Hindu Council chief Ramesh Vankwani said the action was uncalled for and the way the demolition was carried out showed a mala fide intention.

He said that the court was moved and a stay order had been granted and the next hearing would be held on Dec 7.

Pakistani Hindus protest destruction of temple

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani Hindus Sunday protested the destruction of a Hindu temple in the southern port city of Karachi. The temple was razed, along with some nearby homes, by a builder.
Minority Hindus have complained of increasing harassment and discrimination in Muslim-dominated Pakistan in recent years, including the destruction or desecration of their places of worship.
Residents and members of the Hindu community said Sunday a builder with a police escort razed the small temple in one of the older neighborhoods of Karachi, along with some surrounding buildings.
The outer walls and roof of the temple were demolished, and rubble was strewn about the area. Local residents told an AP reporter on the scene that authorities took statues and artifacts out of the building before it was destroyed.
One of the longtime residents, 75-year-old Kali Das, said he was born in the area and remembers when the temple, called Sri Rama Peer Naval, was built. He said more than a hundred families lived nearby and prayed at the temple.
Residents protested at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, demanding compensation as well as the return of religious materials they said were taken during the incident.
Ramesh Kumar Vankwani from the Pakistan Hindu Council said there is a long-running legal dispute between the builder and residents over the land, but it belongs to the Hindu residents.
Zeenat Ahmad, who runs the department in charge of military land, said a court order allowed some of the buildings to be razed. A Pakistani police officer, Parvez Iqbal, denied anything was taken.
The military owns vast tracts of land in Karachi and other parts of the country.
Vankwani said the incident was another example of the problems Hindus are facing in Pakistan. Hindus complain that girls are forcibly converted to Islam, there is no legal recognition for Hindu marriages, and Hindus are discriminated against when it comes to access to government jobs or schooling.
"Every month there is an incident, like taking property of Hindu people or forced conversion of Hindu girls," he said.
During partition in 1947, the violent separation of Pakistan and India into separate countries, hundreds of thousands of Hindus decided to migrate to India, where Hinduism is the dominant religion. Those who remained and their descendants now make up a tiny fraction of Pakistan's estimated 190 million citizens. Most live in Sindh province in the southern part of the country.

Protest over damage to temple in demolition operation

(Dwan News 1st Dec, 2012)

RESIDENTS protest against the demolition of a building housing a temple in Doly Khata near the Holy Family Hospital in Garden on Saturday

However, the director of military lands and cantonments claimed that no religious place had been damaged in the anti-encroachment operation carried out in a locality falling within the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board Karachi.

Pakistan Hindu Council chief Ramesh Vankwani condemned the demolition of a temple in the building in Doly Khata, near the Holy Family Hospital, where he said the Hindus had been living for a long time.

He said that the issue was in court and the demolition team along with police and Rangers came to the area on Saturday, started the operation immediately that destroyed residences as well as the temple in the building.

He said that the religious objects in the temple were desecrated and thrown out.

He said that a sense of insecurity among the Hindu community was spreading owing to such highhandedness by the administration and law-enforcement agencies.

He said that he tried to contact the home secretary and the chief secretary but they could not be approached.

However, the Sindh police chief was contacted and he informed him (Mr Vankwani) that the action was being taken on a court directive. He said that the issue was between residents of the building and a builder who claimed that he had purchased the building.

Mr Vankwani said that a meeting of the minority community victims was being organised at the demolished site on Sunday morning to devise a future line of action so that the minority community members were not be further victimised and their rights protected.

He also demanded stern action against those who had desecrated the temple/ religious place and objects and residences.

Meanwhile, Director Military Lands and Cantonments Zeenat Ahmed told Dawn that the military estate officer had conducted the anti-encroachment operation and vacated the building from the people who were illegally occupying it.

She said that the action was taken following the court orders.

She, however, made it clear that no religious place/temple was damaged or destroyed.

She said that the government had given clear orders that the religious place of any community should not be disturbed.

Wajanti rape case




Lali Bheel Target of Violence


Malala Yousufzai Case


Pakistan Hindu Council Team Visit


Dawn News November 28, 2012


Daily Kawish Hyderabad (02 Nov 2012)

Khar paints rosy picture of human rights in Pakistan (31 Oct 2012 Dawn news)

Dawn News 26 october 2012

AMRITSAR: Pakistan's minister of state for national Harmony Akram Masih Gill and chairman, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), which look after the gurdwara and temple properties left in Pakistan after Indo Pak partition, Sayed Asif Hashmi, enjoying status of a minister, are at loggerheads after the former accused Hashmi of financial irregularities, doling away properties of gurdwara's and temples at throw away prices and have sought details of financial dealings and accounts of ETPB within 4 working days after Eid celebrations.

ETPB is also blamed for spending funds meant for welfare of non Muslims on Haj. While talking to TOI over phone on Friday, Gill said he had sought details of financial dealings and accounts of ETPB to be presented before Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in its next meeting.

Gill who is also member of PAC said "We want to know how much money the Board had in its possession in 2008 when Hashmi took over as Chairman of ETPB and how much is in its savings now" adding that according to reports received by him the Board had Rs 900 crore in its possession which has now dropped down to Rs 400 crore in about 4 years time. Stating that ETPB comes under his ministry he said "The accounts are with them, they have never given detail to us".

The minister also accused the Board officials for not taking approval from federal government for financial dealings and appointments. On the other hand Hashmi has vehemently denied the allegations. He told TOI "It is all false, bunch of lies , not a penny has been siphoned off , in fact the funds of ETPB have doubled in my tenure". He said being Chairman of ETPB he had spent Rs 270 crore on the development of gurdwara's and temples in Pakistan . "The staff , office and salaries of ETPB have increased manifold yet its savings have been doubled" he said.

However he didn't give any figures. Hashmi instead blamed on Minister stating that "He demands various favours from me which I have refused besides he wants ETPB's funds to be spent for the welfare of Christians which I have also refused since the money belongs to temples and gurdwara's". "He is a jealous " said Hashmi. He said ever since he had joined as Chairman, only once a jatha had gone for Haj and after that he had stopped spending ETPB funds for Haj.Earlier In past Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sikh's single largest representative body , had also blamed ETPB for being hand in glove with private builders and selling Gurdwara properties. SGPC member Surinder Singh Dobalia who had led a Sikh jatha to Pakistan in 2011 had taken up the issue of Gurdwara properties with the then Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani.

ETPB was accused of doling out prime Gurdwara property to Defence Housing Association in exchange of insignificant piece of land causing huge losses , allowing Dawat-e-Islami to construct a tomb in the precincts of Gurdwara Shahed Bhai Taru in Makhan Tola, Lahore, construction of shopping plaza on the property of Gurdwara Janamstahan Guru Ram Das, Chuna Mandi Lahore. The Minister informed that PAC that had its meeting in recent past has asked Hashmi to bring in the details of land exchange. Chairman of Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Vankvani told TOI that the Council had written to Pak Prime Minister about the mismanagement and financial irregularities by ETPB while demanding that only a non Muslim should head the ETPB. "Properties worth crores of rupees have been doled out at throw away prices " he said.



Kiran Kumari with her husband, Shabbir Ahmed, at Mian Mitho’s residence in Daharki

Ramesh Vankvani, president of the Pakistan Hindu Council, claims that at least 80 such cases, involving young girls, have been reported to him in 2012 alone. Conversion cases have, in fact, increased over the years. “A decade ago, there would be one or two cases in a year but in the last few years the situation has drastically deteriorated. In 2010 and 2011, there were at least 50 reported cases of abduction and forced conversion,” says Vankawani. “We must remember that many families do not even report the abductions because they fear losing respect within the community,” he says.

Pakistan court stays demolition of 200-year-old Hindu temple in Karachi (Islamabad September 16 2012)

A court in Pakistan has restrained authorities in the port city of Karachi from demolishing a Hindu temple believed to have been constructed 200 years ago, a media report said.

According to the Dawn newspaper, the Sindh High Court restrained the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and other respondents from demolishing the Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir at the Native Jetty Bridge.

A bench led by Chief Justice Mushir Alam asked a court official to inspect the temple and submit a report.

A constitutional petition was recently filed by Kailash Wishram, who lives in the residential quarters on the temple premises, saying that a private company in collaboration with the KPT had started some construction work blocking the access to seawater from the temple.

The petition said the construction threatened the place of worship and also the right of the minority community at large.

The secretary of ports and shipping ministry, the KPT chairman and the private firm that ran a food court under the bridge were named respondents.

The petitioner said the temple was constructed much before the partition of the subcontinent, and for a long time Hindus have been performing religious rituals there.

It said access to seawater was one of the essential things to perform worship.

The Pakistan Hindu Council says the temple was constructed 200 years ago and many Hindu festivals are celebrated there.

It is also a sacred place for performing funerals and other religious rituals by the sea.

The court ordered that the temple, its staircase, boundary wall and corridors originally constructed may not be demolished.

Hindus protest against abduction of girl

Kamran Khan 7th September 2012 (Rimsha Masih)

Kamran Khan 6th September 2012- Dr Amir Liaquat (Rimsha Masih Case)

call to establish commission on conversions


Hindus' Share in Development

Hindu Have 1.4 Million votes, Christians 1.2m

(Dawnews Sunday 02 September 2012)

Mirgration of Hindus

Discrimination against Hindus in Sindh



Government needs to act fast to restore confidence in Hindu population of Pakistan: PHC

Link: - United States

Patron Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar Vankwani told TOI that the current spell of taking away Hindu girls and forcing them to embrace Islam had given a fatal blow to the Hindu's honour and dignity .

Hindu Migration Brings Tears

(Dawn News 24th August 2012)

TEARS rolled down my eyes when I read reports about the Hindu migration to India. The continuation of lawlessness, abductions, forced-conversions and life threats, it seems so, had compelled the Hindus to think about abandoning their centuries-old established homes behind and move to India, from a land that was purely created to safeguard a Muslim Minority who felt insecure in a Hindu-dominated society.

Hindus and Sikhs were living here harmoniously with the local people when the concept of a pure Muslim homeland (Pakistan) was not invented yet.

The Hindus successfully and effectively contributed in developing local businesses to make sure the easy supplement of various commodities to people.

Their valuable efforts in the development of a diversely rich civilization can not be ignored.

The government’s inefficient officials, as usual, are refuting these reports to hide their failure about the disgusting law and order situation which caused an emotional and psychological disorder. Now it is seemingly futile to expect any miracle from the government, but one thing which we can truly and essentially do, with a head down because of shame, is to say: sorry Hindus, we could not do anything for you.


Why Are Hindus from Pakistan Crossing Over to India?

Hindus worshipping at Shiva Temple in Karachi's Clifton area, one of only 100 temples left in the city, of a total of 460 at the time of partition in 1947.

KARACHI, Aug 24 2012 (IPS) - Narain Das, a cloth merchant from Jacobabad in northern Pakistan, blesses his lucky stars that he has three sons, aged 18, 16 and 12. “If they were daughters, I, too, would seriously be thinking of migrating from here,” he reflects on the lack of protection his community faces.

“Abduction, rape and coerced conversion of our daughters, extortion, blackmailing and kidnapping of businessmen for ransom” are some of the reasons given by former legislator and chairman of the Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, for the recent exodus of the Hindu community to India, reported in the media.

Pak Hindu Council to move UN against forced conversion of girls' religion THE TIME OF INDIA (August 21 2012)

AMRITSAR: Forcible conversion of Hindu girls into Muslim, illegal occupation of places of worship of Hindu's, misuse of blasphemy law are some of the reasons which has filled the Hindu community of Pakistan with discontentment forcing many of them to leave their country and settle in India.

Patron, Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) , Ramesh Kumar Vankwani told TOI on Tuesday that the current spell of taking away Hindu girls and forcing them to embrace Islam had given a fatal blow to the Hindu's honour and dignity .

"Despite all type of excesses, Hindu's had been staying in Pakistan but forcible conversion was unbearable and a law should be enacted to thwart this menace" he said.

There was discontentment among Hindus due to forcible occupation of their temples too.

"The occupation of our temples by individuals and groups has shattered our inner feelings" he said.

Giving example he said that Krishan Dwara attached with the Samadhi of Sri Param Hans Maharaj at Teri in district Karak which was an Evacuee Trust Property , was under forcible occupation.

"These issues can be resolved to win the confidence of Hindu minority community of Pakistan" he said.

While seeking amendments in blasphemy law, Vankwani said "several tragedies have taken place due to misuse of blasphemy law with personal ulterior motives".

He said to avoid chances of misuse of blasphemy law Hindu community had suggested that if allegations leveled were not proved then the person who had accused should be meted out with the same punishment which the accused would have borne. Besides he said PHC had demanded that the same law should be extended to holy personalities, scriptures of other religions and faiths.

PHC has also blamed on Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), entrusted with the task of looking after and management of properties evacuated by minorities during 1947 Indo Pak partition.

He said the religious properties of ETPB were being illegally occupied and its custodians were sitting pretty and doing nothing.

"This is a chronic issue which need to be resolved on priority" he said. He said that government should introduce Hindu religious teaching in schools "Hindu religious teaching should immediately begin in schools having 10 or more Hindu students" he said . He also blamed on Hindu political leadership of ignoring their issues.

"Political parties nominate Hindu leaders who are rich and enjoy influence, these people never take up community's issues" he said adding that minorities must be given right to elect their representatives themselves.


The Hindu exodus – migration or conversion?

(The News International 20 August 2012)


In a country where the rights of the minorities are apparently protected by the constitution, more than 1000 Hindu families are annually converted to Islam annually by one man alone.

The man, Pir Ayub Jan Sirhindi, is an influential Muslim spiritual leader from Samaro. He claims that there not a single one of these conversions were forced. “They embrace Islam of their own volition,” he told The News during a telephonic interview.

“I personally lead the conversion ceremonies in my Khanka and I can assure you there is not a single case of forced conversion,” he insisted. Sirhini claims to be the direct descendant and Sajjada Nasheen of Shaykh Ahmad al-Faruqi al-Sirhindi, better known as Mujaddid Alf Sani.

Though forced conversion is a phenomenon that the Sindh’s Hindu community has allegedly been facing for years, the issue recently resurfaced in the media when the Hindu Panchayat of Jacobabad broke the news that 250 Pakistani Hindus who were going to India for pilgrimage were purportedly migrating from Pakistan for good. The matter was taken as an opportunity by mainstream Indian media to criticise Pakistan for it’s poor treatment of minorities, with some of the major Indian publications carrying opinion columns on the topic.

One Indian commentator, B. Raman, citing the Liaquat-Nehru pact of 1950, wrote in the magazine Outlook India: “The government of India’s interest and responsibility for ensuring the welfare of the Sindhi Hindus arises from the fact that they are Hindus.”

He concluded that the Indian government should take up the matter with Pakistan and see if the need has arisen to “examine whether the Nehru-Liaquat Ali Pact needs updating.”

But Sirhindi finds the brouhaha about forced conversions baseless; he believes that if Hindu families are in fact leaving Sindh, it’s for an entirely a different set of reasons. “It’s vicious propaganda by the feudal lords in the region who extort money from the Hindu community here and abuse their women on a routine basis. The Hindus are leaving because of the threat to their lives from the feudal lords”

According to a census conducted in the year 2005 by Pakistan Hindu Council, 94% of Pakistan’s Hindus live in the province of Sindh, with Thar being the district with the largest Hindu population. The council claimed that 80% of businesses in the district of Jacobadabad are controlled by the Hindu community, which comprises 30% of the total district’s total population.

“We have been living in Sindh for thousands of years,” said Dr. Ramesh Kumar, a patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council, “Leaving this Dharti (land) is not an easy decision, but if our honour is at stake, we really don’t have an option.”

The Hindu community has always claimed that some influential Muslim leaders in Sindh are spearheading a campaign of forced conversion, thereby killing the spirit of religious pluralism that has always been the hallmark of Sindhi culture.

Dispelling the idea of mass Hindu migration to India, independent social activists say that the news of migration has been ‘overplayed’ by some minority leaders to highlight the seriousness of the injustices being done to the community by certain radical groups.

“Nobody is really leaving this country, there might be cases of some families, who are leaving in search of better economic prospects, which anybody would do if given the opportunity,” said Amarnath Motumal , a lawyer and representative of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

Motumal claimed that the deteriorating law and order situation in the province has taken all the communities in the region on its grip. “It’s not only the Hindus who are being kidnapped, but Muslims and whoever else has money,” he said.

However, the lawyer maintained that the issue of forced conversion has made the lives of Hindus in Sindh intolerable. “The law enforcement agencies and the judiciary have disappointed the Hindu community. They don’t have anywhere to go, and the only way forward is to keep the voice of injustice alive, and they are doing it.”

Hailing President Asif Ali Zardari’s recent statement in which he directed the chief minister Sindh to devise a law against forced conversion, Motumal said that that he trusts the government. “Historically, the PPP has always been considerate with the minorities and this time too, the Hindus of Pakistan are looking towards the government to solve the issue.”

But devising a law against forced conversion won’t be easy for the government, as Muslim religious groups in the area have vowed to resist any such legislation.

Sirhindi warned that if the government introduces a law banning what he calls ‘conversion’ as opposed to forced conversion, then it will be a negation of a basic Islamic practice of Da’waah (calling non-Muslims to faith ), something that the people of Sindh would not allow.

“If the government, in anyway, dares to introduce the so called forced conversion law, I tell you the lawmakers wont be able to enter there constituencies here in Sindh.”

Sirhindi squarely blamed the feudal lords and the nationalists for the Hindu’s woes, saying that the former regularly extort money from the latter through contacts in the corridors of power. “It’s the feudal lords and the ‘comrades’ (nationalists) who take money from the affluent Hindus. You won’t find a single maulvi involved in such criminal cases. As far as conversion of non-Muslims is concerned, that’s our religious duty which we will continue to pursue peacefully we have always done,” he said.

Pakistan Struggles to Protect Religious Minorities

People gather outside the locked house of a Christian girl who was arrested in the suburbs of Islamabad, Aug. 20, 2012

SLAMABAD — Authorities in Pakistan have come under growing criticism for being unable to protect the rights of religious minorities. Most of Pakistan's 180 million people are Sunni Muslim. Christians complain they are unfair targets of the country’s blasphemy laws that carry death penalty for anyone found guilty of defaming Islam, and the minority Hindu community says its members are migrating to India to avoid forced conversions.

The imprisonment in Pakistan this month of a young Christian girl accused of violating the country’s blasphemy laws is being cited as one of the latest incidents of growing intolerance toward religious minorities.

The incident occurred just outside Islamabad but details remain sketchy. The detained girl, Rimsha Masih, is said to be 11 years old and mentally handicapped.

Police arrested Rimsha after scores of angry Muslims gathered outside her house and accused her of burning pages inscribed with verses from the Quran.

Defending human rights

The chairperson of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Zohra Yousuf, condemns the blasphemy charge against the Christian girl as "preposterous" and “beyond comprehension.”

Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, head of Pakistan Hindu Council, says that because of security reasons around 50 Hindu families are migrating to India every month.

“There is no law to stop the forced conversions," said Vankwani.

Pakistani authorities say they are looking into the complaints of the Hindu minority and admit there is a need for legislation.

But critics are skeptical of the government's ability to amend the blasphemy laws, especially at a time when the country is preparing for new elections.


Injustice, Hindus Living in Pakistan

VIBE TV August 11, 2012 Interview Dr. Ramesh Kumar Patron Pakistan Hindu Council

ARY NEWS Platform Friday 10th August 2012 Hindu pilgrims allowed to cross bordes

60 Hindu Families had Migrated to India from Jacobabad

Many Hindu Families had Migrated to India from Mirpurkhas

Force conversion of Hindu girls in pakistan

Najam sethi on force conversion of Hindu girls in pakistan

Faisla Aapka 14th August 2012 14th August Special,Dr.Ramesh Kumar

Injustice With Hindus In Sindh, Pakistan

THIS PAGE IS PROTEST ,against injustice with hindus in pakistan., kidnapping, forcefully conversion of religion, child kidnappings, murders ,torcher, extrotion are normal things which happens with hindus in pakistan..

Sad Day : Rinkle Family Migrates finally to India !!!!

Rinkle’s Family Migrates to India along with 400 Hindus of Ghotki
Rinkle’s Family threatened through their maids “ Keep Quite or be prepared to get humiliated in full public glare”
We have no Option but to leave. It is dangerous for us to live in Sindh : Rinkle relatives tols Awami Awaz (sobbing )
As the Zardari committee busy ,meeting Hindus more migrate Sindh for ever
Hindus are migrating because of Forced Conversation. Don’t Expect any Justice from PPP: Minority Hindu Leader in Sindh
Protest in Sindh by Bhil Committee against migration of Hindus of Sindh
PPP Should sack Mityan Mithoo we are prepared to help : Rinkle Uncle raj Kumar
Sindhi Hindus being reduced to Second class citizen. Their daughters being kidnapped : Ali Chandio
“If Hindu Migration is Propaganda than why Mr. Zardari is sending team to Sindh?” : Awami Tehreek Leader Ayaz Latif Palejo
Sindhi Social Media Protest against the migration of Hindus of Sindh
PPP Govt. is responsible for Hindu Migration : Jeye Sindh Quomi Mahaz
If Hindus migrate Sindhis will loose majority in Sindh : Sindh National Movement
We are being hunted for Protesting against forced conversation , Bhatta Khori, illegal occupied properties : Abducted Manisha’s Father Babu Mal
If Manisha is not returned I too have to migrate to India : Manisha’s Father Babumal
I am the follower of Bhagat Kanwar Ram, Hindu Girld are like my doughter : Maulana Bukhs Chandio & Jangiz Jamali Member of Presidential Team visiting Hindus of Sindh
Make law to safe guard Hindus : Sindh Sujag Tehrek
Hindus are happier then Muslims. Hindus are defaming Pakistan : Jamat e Islami (Sindh)

Maneesha Kumari
Force Conversion

Now it is Maneesha who became Mehwish

A 14 year old maneesha of Jacobbad, left her home and accepted Islam. She belongs to Jacobabad District, Sindh Province, in Pakistan. It was Rinkle, Asha and Lata last time now it is Maneesha. And the list may go on and on. These are the love marriages therefore Hindus should not get bothered about it. But what if in a same way, a Muslim girl marries a Hindu guy? For that a Hindu guy should convert to Muslim. Therefore, love marriages are only encouraged if a Hindu girl converts to Muslim, there is no other way around. This is the law which every Hindu should follow. Otherwise they have no option left except migrating to any other country.

Mr. Rehman Malik, interior minister of government of Pakistan stopped Hindus who were migrating from Pakistan to India, stating that it is a conspiracy against the PPP government. He assured Hindus of their safety. Muslims also have issues of kidnapping for ransom, law and order etc, he stated while talking in TV Program.

Most of the literate people of Pakistan say it is the conspiracy against the whole nation not just for Hindus. Pakistan, as a nation, have been suffering from plenty of issues since its independence. Violence is prevailing in the society not only because of religion but on the basis of language. The condition of Baluchistan is one of an example.

How long the government would be passing statements of assurance to the public? Even if these are the problems which relate to the whole Pakistan, what sort of steps have been taken to solve these issues and what are the results after taking the actions?

We Hindus belong to Pakistan, this is our motherland. We will never do violence and disturb the law and order of our beloved motherland. We don’t need your assurance. We need your actions. If you cannot provide us safety, let all of us go to leave our motherland forever.

Kidnaped Aasha Kumari"s exclusive family interview on her home at jacobabad


Hindus push govt to redress their grievances, as minister visits temple

Pakistan Hindu Council criticises minority legislators of being unaware of ground realities

Political leaders representing the Hindu community in the country are clueless about the day-to-day realities of the people of their constituencies, says Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Patron of Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC).

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday, the PHC leader dispelled the government’s stance on the much hyped-up issue of mass Hindu migration to India, lamenting that the minority leaders belonging to Pakistan People’s Party were downplaying the seriousness of the law and order situation in various cities of interior Sindh for the sake of “political correctness” and were hiding the true picture from the people.

He claimed that at least 20-25 families from Sindh have been leaving Pakistan for the neighbouring country on weekly basis. “The problem is that we don’t have a genuine representation in the parliament, although there are MNAs and MPAs from our community but none of them are doing anything about the pressing issues faced by our people,” he said.

Vankwani was of the opinion that the structure of minority representation in the parliament was inherently flawed and should be reviewed because those who manage to grab the tickets for contesting the elections on minority seats usually happen to be mighty and powerful and did not belong to the mainstream Hindu community.

“The minority nominees in the country are usually the rich and powerful, who are well-connected, and not those who have lived and worked among the people, so the process of election right from nominating a candidate within the party should be established and it should not be based on selection, which is the way it is now,” he said.

Citing forced conversion as the topmost crime being faced by the Hindus in Sindh, Vakhwani said that if a daughter of a conservative family stays out of the house for a night, anybody could imagine what the family had to go through. “Girls aged 14-15 vanish for a few weeks and emerge as Muslims; I ask how a girl who is still a minor can take such a big decision of changing their faith when they are not even allowed to vote,” he said.

Speaking about kidnapping for ransom, President PHC Jethanand Kohistani said that a total of 11 Hindu traders were missing from various areas of Sindh, while the law enforcement agencies were not doing anything in this regard. “When a Muslim is kidnapped, he is somehow recovered without paying any ransom, but when it comes to us, the only way we can get free is by paying hefty sum of amount to the criminals,” he said.

He appealed to the government to step up security measures for the Hindu community and recover the missing people as soon as possible.

The PHC leaders also urged upon President Asif Ali Zardari to lend them some time so they could meet him and explain to him the various issues they have been facing in the province.

Hindus Migration From Jacobabad

Pakistan Hindu Council Patron Ramesh Kumar Speaks to media about Abduction and forceful religion conversion.

(Karachi Press Club March 19, 2012)

There is a huge number of cases of abduction and forced into a Muslim marriage. Incidents of kidnapping, forced marriages and conversions of religious minorities have increased: the girls belonging to minority religion are forcefully converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. The increase in the number of reports of Hindu girls being kidnapped or made to convert to Islam has sparked concern from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). During the last 64 years the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan like the general conditions in various fields has remained a matter of serious concern and the Islamic state has not taken steps which could improve the status of minorities and protect their beliefs and life.

In February in a similar incident, Rinkle Kumari was abducted in Mirpur Mathelo, a small town in interior Sindh.
The relatives of the Rinkle alleged that a Member of the National Assembly, Abdul Haq alias Mian Mitthu, was backing the kidnappers and had pressurised the local magistrate to get a decision in their favour, ignoring the written testimony of the kidnapped girl. They also said they had taken refuge in a gurdwara in Lahore after receiving threats from the kidnappers and influential Muslims of the area.

Forwarded conversation


HYDERABAD: Large numbers of Pakistani Hindus, Civil Society activists, peasants, and labourers took out rally under the banner of Human rights Commission of Pakistan, Sindh task force on Friday from Hyder Chowk to Hyderabad Press Club against the violation of human rights in Sindh

Malik asks FIA DG to attend Hindus problems

ISLAMABAD (INP): Federal Minister for Interior, Senator A. Rehman Malik Saturday directed DG FIA to assist the Committee recently constituted by the President of Pakistan to look into the issue of forced conversion and some complaints of Hindu community in Sindh. Chairing a high level meeting here Saturday which was attended by Secretary Interior, Additional Secretary Interior, DG FIA, Inspector General of Police Islamabad and other senior officers, the Interior Minister assured the Hindu Community that their rights shall be protected fully and will not allow anyone to over step the Constitution of Pakistan which provides full rights to minorities for practicing their religion.The Minister for Interior also directed DG FIA to look into few complaints whereby impression of forced marriages of teen age girls has been noticed. He asked DG FIA to compile the details of all such incidents and asked a report on each such incident where there is allegation of any forced marriage. The report of DG FIA on the forced marriages will be made public for public scrutiny.DG FIA submitted a fact finding report on the media reports whereby mass migration based on insecurity was publicized and accordingly, Interior Minister took a notice of them and asked the DG FIA to proceed with the matter for fact finding. According to the report of DG FIA, all the Hindu passengers volunteered their statements that they are going to India to visit their religious sites. It was noted with great concern that a channel initiated a story based on merely speculations which created hype. In this matter, DG FIA however feels that there are some agents who are indulging in such activities and pursuing Hindus elite for asylum. This aspect is also being investigated.The Interior Minister directed DG FIA to keep a watch on those who are spreading these rumors and if the agency spots any case where some kind of injustice has been done, that should be dealt severely. A Cell has been established in FIA whereby all the victims, if any may call to inform such incident.Earlier, Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister, Gilgit Baltistan called on Federal Minister for Interior, Senator A. Rehman Malik in Islamabad. During the meeting, law and order situation of Gilgit Baltistan came under discussion. Aftab Shahban Mirani, MNA also called on Minister Interior and discussed problems of his constituency related to NADRA and Passports.

Four Hindus doctors in Sindh have been murdered: minorities without protection

Our Hindus doctors have been murdered in the province of Sindh (southern Pakistan), in their clinic in Chak, a town near Shikarpur (in the North of Sindh). As reported to Fides by local sources, Dr. Ashok, Dr Naresh, Dr. Ajeet and Dr. Satia Paul were killed yesterday by armed assailants, while they were working in their clinic. The cold-blooded murder generated fear and protests among the Hindu religious minorities, but also among Christians. Police said they arrested two suspects, saying that the killings could be the basis of the dispute between some Hindus and the local Muslim Brotherhood "Bhaya Baradari", which took place a few weeks ago, concerning a Hindu girl forced to marry a Muslim. The Hindus are a substantial minority in the province of Sindh (about 2 million) and there are more than about 50,000 in Chak. "It is not the first time that members of our community have been targeted by extremists. And the police tend to support the criminals involved in such acts" complained Ramesh Kumar, president of the Pakistan Hindu Council, urging the government to "provide adequate protection to minorities". The Hindu Council of Pakistan appealed to President Asif Zardari, who just a few days ago, during the Hindu festival of Deewali, had reiterated his commitment to protect minorities and ensure their equal rights. Fr. Mario Rodrigues, Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Pakistan, told Fides: "It is another episode that clearly shows how the lives of minorities is insecure and with no protection". Prof. Mobeen Shahid, Pakistani scholar and historian reminds Fides: "Religious minorities in Pakistan have always had a hard life and suffered mass persecution: let us remember sensational episodes in 1952 (in Moza matta), in 1962 (Anarkali, Lahore), in 1997 (in Shantinagar), in 2009 (in Gojra) as well as many other minor episodes. When a member of the minority, the Catholic A. R. Cornelius, became Judge of the Supreme Court, his new draft regarding the new Constitution was rejected because due to the fact that it was written by a non-Muslim citizen was unacceptable. Today it is clear that there is discrimination in education and society, and even those measures in favor of minorities (as a share of 5% of seats reserved in public administration) are not applied".

Hindus outraged over live conversion on TV


The Hindu community leaders in Karachi are incensed at the insensitivity displayed towards their faith by a television channel that converted a Hindu boy to Islam on their Thursday’s live Iftar transmission.

“Embracing a new faith is a personal matter of an individual, but here this is being promoted as a piece of entertainment by the so-called independent electronic media,” said Pundit Vijay Maharaj, a Hindu priest. “Such irresponsible shows create differences between communities and nothing else.”

“I don’t know if Sunil (the converted boy) was paid to become a part of the drama as his employer Ansar Burney claims, but even if he had accepted Islam wholeheartedly, which may be the case, he helped the channel earn a lot of money with the stunt,” said Sunny Vakwani, a Karachi-based social media activist.

For Vakwani, the worst part of the show was the way the audience was brought into the foray to suggest names for the new convert. “Interestingly, the anchor’s name, Maya, is a Sanskrit word, so she should have first asked for a ‘Muslim name’ before beginning the auction for the new convert’s name,” he added.

Social activist Sanjesh Dhaneja urged the media to act more responsibly, especially after the recent issue of forced conversions. “The people in the media should act more responsibly, especially after the Hindu community in the country went through the recent controversy of forced conversion,” said Sanjesh Dhanja, a social activist, who runs I think responsible self-censorship is due in such matters, when as a media outlet, you claim to cater the whole country not a particular religion or ethnicity.”

The show was hosted by Maya Khan, a B-grade television anchor, whose claim to fame was a morning show she hosted earlier this year in which she conducted a “live raid” in a public park hounding dating couples and asking them for their ‘Nikanama’.

The notorious episode drew immense criticism in the social media, which eventually got her fired from her previous TV channel after she refused to apologise for hurting the feelings of many of her viewers.

But later, in a hyped-up television interview, she revealed in her defense, that the whole public park show was a set-up and the couples she seemingly stalked in the public park were paid actors, which raised an ever bigger question on the modus operandi of country’s electronic media vis-à-vis ethics and moral codes. But like every other issue in this country, Maya Khan’s controversy fizzled out after some time.

She was later hired by the TV channel she is working currently for. A member of the Hindu community, who refused to be named, said that despite her repulsive taste for television shows, that are proven to be devoid of any sort of ethical consideration, her current TV channel apparently gave her a carte blanche to select themes for her programs, and yet again she came up with this sickening idea of reducing a spiritual sojourn of faith into a cheap commodity for entertainment.

If the govt fails to act, we’ll join the MQM: Hindu Panchayat

Some showered praise on the government’s swift reaction to placate the smouldering anger of the community while others gave vent to their feelings, as federal minister Maula Bux Chandio and Senator Hari Ram Kishori Lal called on the representatives of Hindu Panchayat and Young Hindu Association at the residence of social activist Zulfiqar Halepoto.
Many believed, however, that no long-term solutions will emerge from the exercise initiated on the directives of President Asif Ali Zardari to mollify the community’s ruffled feathers.
“If the government fails us this time we will join the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM),” warned Dr Chandi Ram Shahani, the district president of Hindu Panchayat. “The MQM’s stance over the minority rights is unequivocal and supportive.”
The enactment of the Hindu marriage act, separate electorate, steps to stop forced conversions, implementation of job quota, regulating the elections of panchayats and curbing crimes against minorities topped the complaints.
The federal minister noted that the sense of insecurity and deprivation is obvious in the Hindus. “The immediate legislation of laws and executive measures are indispensable to allay their woes,” he said. “In our interaction with the community in Jacobabad and Sukkur among other places, the matter of ‘honour’ [Hindu girls marrying Muslim men and converting to Islam] dominated other problems.”
The committee will present its recommendations to the president in a few days and expressed the hope of their implementation especially the ones pertaining to legislation.
Responding to the demand of resignations by minority legislators, Chandio acknowledged that the minority felt disconnected with their elected representatives, but stopped short of giving a word.
Citing figures from the Federal Investigation Agency, the minister refuted the claims of a Hindu exodus from the country. In 2011, 7,000 Hindu pilgrims went to India of whom 5,600 returned immediately while the others returned over a period of time, he said.
It came as a relief to the committee when the people at the meeting said that the Hindus in southern Sindh do not face the problems of crime and conversions as their community members do in Larkana and Sukkur divisions – who still have their own issues.
A majority of the participants demanded separate electorates for the minorities. “Non-Muslim Pakistanis should be allowed to elect among themselves their representatives for the assemblies,” said Jay Ram Dhirani, the president of Young Hindu Panchayat.
A constitutional expert, Advocate Jhamat Mal, objected to the suggestion however. “This will be against the values of democracy,’’ he said. “The minorities will lose their right to vote in the general elections if they opt for a separate electorate. We should, on the contrary, struggle to get into the mainstream instead of ostracising ourselves [electorally].”
Mal advised the community to prepare coherent recommendations which safeguard their interests but at the same time assimilate them with the majority.
On the issue of conversion of Hindu girls, the community members criticised the process of sending the women to Darul Aman while the courts heard their cases. They proposed setting up shelter houses supervised by the minority for their interim accommodation.
The community also acknowledged their internecine differences, especially their divided panchayats, which are though registered under the Cooperative Society Act but do not hold regular elections.
“We have at least two or more panchayats in every district instead of one,” said Chandu Mal, a retired bureaucrat. He underscored the need to replace the panchayats with a council which annually holds elections from the centre to the district level. “The problem lies within us because we are represented by unelected representatives in the government as well as in our panchayats,” he believed.
Published in The Express Tribune, August 15th, 2012.

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